Intentionally Ever After

with guest Paula Burrows

April 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 11
Intentionally Ever After
with guest Paula Burrows
Show Notes

Paula Burrows, aka Cozmic Cat, is a Canadian Electronic music producer and DJ known for dynamic, high energy sets and diverse musical collaborations.  Currently she resides in Canada where she has built a loyal following from her years of dedication to the Toronto scene, with special ties to her own LGBTQ+ community.

Cozmic maintains a steady flow of singles and remixes being released and signed to various International labels as well as her own house record label Jupiter Productions. While producer Cozmic Cat continues to push boundaries with her growing discography of tracks and remixes on Spotify, etc., her DJ sets have moved dancefloors from Ontario to Vancouver, Reykjavík to Durban, Melbourne to Manhatten (Standard Hotel), Philadelphia, Vegas (The Sands), Puerto Rico and more.

Follow the Cat and join the global family on a mission to create, promote and manifest both unity AND diversity in dancefloor culture worldwide.

Music Industry : Damien Keyes

 Meditation: Power Thoughts Club

 Dog Rescues : Hope For Paws

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